nedeľa 6. januára 2019

My first SOTA activation in 2019

Today (06/01/2019) a activated Veľká Rača OM/ZA-045. My first SOTA activation in 2019. It was very cold and sometimes windy, too. More photos inside

Rozsutec on 31. 12. 2018

Early morning about 5 a.m. we (me and my friends) started from Štefanova. About 7 a.m. we achiebed the peak of Rozsutec. Sorry for not activating the SOTA. You can check very nice photos. More photos inside

nedeľa 30. decembra 2018

Stoh OM/ZA-019 activation during Winter

Winter activation of Stoh OM/ZA-019. Only 4 QSOs because of very windy and temperature bellow zero - very very bad combination for activation. I had to stop after 4 QSOs, I could not feel my fingers. Nevertheless nice photos. More photos inside

pondelok 2. júla 2018

SOTA SV/CR-029 (Timios Stayros) in Crete

During my holiday in Crete I successfully activated SV/CR-029 (Timios Stayros). Timios Stavros is not a high hill, but really not easy to get to the top. I had to climbed about last 100 metres. My recommendation to other activators is to choose another summit. Maybe somebody from Crete knows better path to the top. Many thanks for all QSOs. More photos inside

nedeľa 11. februára 2018

Very nice SOTA OM/ZA-045 during Winter

Quite nice weather during this Sunday. I activated OM/ZA-045 with my girlfriend. The first QSO with Igor OM3CUG was my pleasure. More photos inside

sobota 30. decembra 2017

SOTA activation OM/ZA-036 Kľak

Very nice SOTA activation. I have activated Kľak for the first time. Quite good weather. Only very short activation because of too windy and cold on the top of Kľak. More photos inside

utorok 26. decembra 2017

SOTA OM/ZA-013 Veľký Kriváň during winter

Firstly I planned to achieve OM/ZA-013 and OM/ZA-015, too. Too much fog, cold and crazy wind. After successful OM/ZA-013 activation a I tried to get OM/ZA-015. About 30 minutes before achieving Malý Kriváň - OM/ZA-015 I had to stop and go back. I could see only 3 meters ahead of me and the wind could get me down. It was too dangerous to finish. Sometimes you have to know when you should give it up. This unfinished activation was the craziest I have ever tried. I took only  some photos when there was not too much fog and clouds. More photos inside